We are collecting a special HopeDealers offering this month to benefit the Peele family. Andy is the Director of Creative Arts at HopeCity and his wife, Emily, was recently diagnosed with a metastatic cancer. The treatments are very aggressive and the medical bills are already well over $100,000. The Peele family received word that insurance is denying coverage. They are fighting and will continue…

Love The Triad is all about serving and loving our community in tangible ways. We encourage organizations to partner together, promoting the name of Christ, instead of the organization they are a part of. We believe that when hope is spread, needs are met and our community works together, the possibilities are endless.

3 Easter Service Options On Easter weekend, in addition to our normal Sunday service times of 9 and 11 a.m., we are adding an additional service time option on Saturday night at 5 p.m. The HopeCity Kids program will operate the same way that it normally does on Sunday mornings. Do something different this year,…


Your VIEW of God will determine how you RESPOND to God.

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