We are collecting a special HopeDealers offering this month to benefit the Peele family. Andy is the Director of Creative Arts at HopeCity and his wife, Emily, was recently diagnosed with a metastatic cancer. The treatments are very aggressive and the medical bills are already well over $100,000. The Peele family received word that insurance is denying coverage. They are fighting and will continue the battle well into 2018. Be praying what God may have you give towards this.

Although the offering will officially be taken on December 31, you don’t have to wait until that day or be a part of HopeCity to give to this family. You can give through the HopeCityNC app or at https://pushpay.com/pay/hopecitync/RmoPBxPxVvugMKyFSaJuIQ and just select HopeDealer as your “fund”. 100% of all money given will go directly the Peele family.

At HopeCity, 22% of all money that was given last year, went back out to help our community. In 2015, we started a special offering on months that had five Sundays to bless someone within the HopeCity family. We call this HopeDealers Sundays.

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