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Unusual Week 1: Purity

Message from . April 14, 2021. Category: Unusual

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Stand Alone Messages

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Revive Messages

What are you rooted in? We believe that God desires to revive our families, our finances and our communities!
Fall 2020

‘Normal Messages’

Normal is not a bad thing. It depends on how you define it and who you let determine your NORMAL
June 14-28, 2020

Unique Messages

February  2020

Why? Messages

God’s Presence, God’s Power, God’s People, God’s Word
January 2020

Presence Messages

A Christmas Series
December 2019

Philippians Messages

Philippians Chapters 1-4
November 2019

Generous Messages

God created you to be generous.


We weren’t’ designed to do life alone.
August 5-26, 2018

Hearing the Voice of the Father

God is constantly speaking to us. It is important for us to hear what He has to say.
February 4-March 11, 2018



The Lord loves process. He loves that series of steps that takes us from where we are right now, to where He wants us to be.

“More” Messages

What if we filled our hunger for more with things of the Heavenly Kingdom?
September 11-October 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Spiritual Warfare is Real
September 13-27, 2015



Lead | Live | Reproduce
May 17 – June 28, 2015


The Ghost

The spirit of life… the essence of truth… the voice of God.
April 12 – May 10, 2015


You Asked For It

You spoke. We Listened.
March 1 – March 22, 2015



The Message is Clear
January 4 – February 22, 2015

The Blessed Life Wide

The Blessed Life

Learning to let God multiply
November 9 – December 28, 2014


“Jesus Is ____”

Discover who Jesus REALLY is.
September 14 – November 2, 2014

Summer Blockbuster

Summer Blockbuster 2014

Hollywood can’t script this
June 1 – August 24, 2014


Whale of a Tale

The Unbelievably True Story of Jonah
May 4-25, 2014



Jesus’ unyielding pursuit of us
March 9 – April 20, 2014