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“He is using me, fitting me in brick by brick and stone by stone with JESUS CHRIST as my cornerstone.” – Ephesians 2:20

What is HopeCity Kids?

HopeCity Kids is a safe, fun environment where children ages 6 weeks through 5th grade can experience the love of Jesus and grow through God’s word.

1st time Visitor? 

We begin accepting children into the classrooms 15 minutes before the start of each service. Parents of children ages 6 weeks to 5th grade must check their kid(s) in one of our check in systems.   Once you check your children into our system you will receive at least two sticker labels (1 label to place on your kid(s) shirt, 1 label for a parent to check-out their children, and extra labels can be printed for diaper bags or other items). You must show your matching label to our staff member in order to pick up your child. No child will ever be released without the parent presenting their matching label.  If a staff member needs to contact you, you’ll be notified via your child’s matching label number posted on the screens during service.

We understand that sometimes children, especially the younger ages, can have a difficult time leaving mom and dad. We ask that you drop your child at the door and we promise to take excellent care of them so you can experience Jesus in adult worship. Our volunteers are trained and well equipped to help soothe and comfort your child. If they are unable to enjoy their time in HopeCity Kids we will make sure to call you for assistance.

HopeCity kids are pretty awesome


What happens during service?

There are 4 areas of HopeCity Kids:

During service the children experience worship, live acting, Bible teaching, craft and snack.

What are the ages for each area in HopeCity Kids?

Our nursery strives to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our littlest ones! We are here to meet all the needs of your children while you enjoy the service. You can expect our volunteers to hold and love on your babies while always paying attention to any special requests from parents. We are careful to maintain a safe, clean and caring environment.

(Walking-24 months)

We are here to meet all the needs of your children while you enjoy the service.  Our volunteers play with the children, always keeping in mind the special requests and concerns from the parents.  We pay special attention to maintain our safe and caring environment.  Our goal is for your children to want to come back to play with us every Sunday!

(Ages 2-3)

Welcome to our Toddler class.  This is a fun, interactive time designed to impact children during these critical years of development.  We believe that these years are extremely important times for our children to grow in an understanding of who Jesus is. We will talk about the Bible, sing fun songs and encourage playtime based on Bible stories.

(Age 4-Kindergarten)

Our goal in the Preschool class is to provide a loving environment that is not only safe, but also God-centered. We believe that even the youngest ones can learn about Jesus in a fun and creative way. Our volunteers are dedicated and ready to partner with you and your child as he or she takes steps towards discovering their Creator. Each week your preschooler will experience worship, crafts, a Bible lesson and snack. Feel free to encourage what we discuss on Sunday throughout the week with your children.

(Grades 1-5)

The Elementary room is filled with exciting and engaging experiences kids can relate to and enjoy!  At this age, we focus on teaching kids how to become followers of Jesus Christ and how to develop Godly character.  We always have FUN learning about Jesus!!!

How do I know what my child is learning?

If you are a Facebook user, join the HopeCity Kids Family Forum to see what your child learns each week. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We encourage families to talk about scripture and ask their child to talk about what they learned in HopeCity Kids.

Kids at Table

What's New?

During the month of December, HopeCity Kids will be celebrating the Christmas season with some fun dress up opportunities for your kids and the HopeCity Kids volunteers to be a part of on Sunday mornings. The dress up dates and what to wear are listed below! Dec. 1 | Red and Green Dec. 8 |…

During the month of November, HopeCity Kids will be collecting new socks, gloves and toboggan’s to donate to area homeless shelters in hopes of helping our homeless population stay warm this winter. There will be collection bins in the HopeCity Kids hallways.

More Info

Adult Worship

We ask that children do not stay in our adult worship area. Sometimes we have sensitive material that is not appropriate for little ones and we have an excellent area for children to learn about Jesus on their level!

Baby Registry

Are you expecting a baby? We would love to know about it so that we can journey with you during this exciting time. Let us know at https://hopecitync.wufoo.com/forms/p1jtvxtp178mcae/

Child Dedication

What is Child Dedication?

Dedicating your child is a public commitment made before God, your family, friends and faith community. This act expresses your desire as a parent to follow Jesus and guide your child, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, to develop their own personal faith in Christ. Dedication is not salvation or baptism. Becoming a follower of Jesus is a personal decision and making that decision public through baptism is also something that should be done once your child is able to fully understand the choice they are making.

Why Dedicate your child?

The context for child dedication is found in 1 Samuel 1:27-28 27 “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 28 So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” – In this story, a godly woman named Hannah prayed for years that God would give her a child. When he answered her prayer and gave her a son, she named him Samuel and dedicated him to the Lord.

Also, in Luke chapter 2 we find Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. Both of these passages show parents who are willingly entrusting their child to God and wanting to publicly state their desire to do so.

What’s next?

If you are interested in having your child dedicated please contact Anne Cartrette, Director of HopeCity Kids, via email at acartrette@hopecitync.com. You will receive a follow up phone call to discuss upcoming dedication dates and to talk through some other details of having your child dedicated.

Kids Classroom Policy

We maintain a “two-or-more-teacher” classroom policy. There will be at least two volunteers in each classroom. Children are never allowed to leave the classroom without adult supervision. An adult must pick up all children nursery through fifth grade, with a matching number/name tag after service.

Restrooms Policy

For the children’s safety while in our care, they are always accompanied by one of our adult volunteers.


All volunteers are required to have a background check before serving in HopeCity Kids. This is to ensure the safety of our environments.

Security is provided during all worship services. No child will be released during or after services without the matching sticker and number that is received during check in.

Also, please let us know if your child has any allergies that we should be aware of. HopeCity Kids is a peanut free environment.

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