6:45 pm — 8:45 pm
758 Motsinger Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27107 United States
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This month Dr. Been Omungu will be guiding us through the topic of Healthy Conflict and Reconciliation. All of us encounter conflict, but most of the time it ends in hurt. Sometimes we walk away wondering if being in the relationship is even worth it. The Father has a plan for all situations, and that plan is not harmful, but life giving. Come learn with your peers on how to do confrontation and reconciliation God’s way!

Let us know that you plan to come at: https://hopecitync.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/175409

The idea of parenthood is typically filled with pleasantries such as throwing baseball for the first time, hearing first words, winning a trophy for the swim team, and helping with multiplication homework. Rarely do we want to consider the tragedies, and hardships that come along with the experience of life. However, there are moments in life when we are faced with navigating our way through situations that we never thought imaginable. Sometimes we question our calling as a parent, and hope that we do not find ourselves twenty years from now asking, “where did I go wrong.”

Consider were we would be if we had a community that supported us not only when life’s issues confronted us, but also worked with us to help us overcome difficult and tragic seasons of life. Some say that, “it takes a family to raise a family.” With this idea in mind, HopeCity Students offers Anchored, a mini-seminar based workshop once a month to stand in the gap for us when we aren’t sure how to deal with issues our students are experiencing. Anchored offers real life scenarios, taught by professionals, with the goal to help those who are non-professionals navigate through a student’s hardship, or tragedy. Stability in the family dynamic is our desire, and we hope to be a part of building a firm foundation for you and your family.


January 30
6:45 pm - 8:45 pm
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