Upcoming HopeCity Kids Events

In HopeCity Kids we teach kids how to partner with the presence of God to impact everyone for the Kingdom on their level!

Uptown (Elementary)

Your children will meet in small groups, make new friends, and come to know Jesus in a personal way. Jesus isn’t boring and so we never present Him as so. We spend time playing silly games, worshipping, praying, and discussing the lesson we learned. Our goal is to equip your children to know the authority they have in Jesus and to put their faith into action through loving others!

Midtown (Age 2- Pre K)

Your preschoolers will experience a time of exciting worship, lessons, crafts, and snacks! Kids are taught stories from the Bible in a relatable and age-appropriate way. We believe that kids have the same access to Jesus as adults, which is why we are passionate about serving them with our whole hearts! In Midtown, we focus on teaching your children the simple yet transformational truths about Jesus which will be the foundation of their faith.

Downtown (Infants - Age 1)

Your infants will experience an intentional time of playing and reading a Bible story. Our volunteers create a nurturing environment in which your child will thrive as their needs are met in a personal and loving way. We believe the most important thing we can do for our kids is to pray for them which is why we take time to pray for each child during class.  


What is your security policy? 

All of our volunteers go through an application and background check process. We always have 2 adults in every room ensuring a child is never alone with just one volunteer. When you check your child into HopeCity Kids you will be given a corresponding tag for pickup. Children will not be allowed to go with an adult that does not have the correct pick-up tag. Only adults with a pickup tag are allowed in the children's area after service. We have a security volunteer standing at the door during services as well as a local police officer on our campus to ensure safety.
What is the check-in process?

You will be greeted by HopeCity Kids volunteers who will help you get your kids checked in. We have computers that will print off your child's name tags and pickup tags. Check-in starts 15 minutes prior to each service.
How will you alert me if my child needs to be picked up early?  

If you child needs to be picked up early we will put your child's pickup number on the screen in main service.